If you have any problems with your computer network, PC’s, cabling, internet services, or anything else relating to networking and other technology then we can help. We’ve been here since 2008 and continue to assist customers.


Over the years we have supplied all of the main manufacturers products including IBM, Dell, Acer, Sony, Apple and many more brands and we have picked up which company generally has the best support for their products. We can supply ANY hardware that a customer requests, but on many occasions customers don’t always have any preference for brand so we will help accordingly and advise what we feel are the most suitable brand for the application Whether you need servers, PC’s, switches, routers, cabling or anything else computer network system related we can help.

We can also supply Microsoft and other regular business software such as Accounting and many other application software packages. Linked to on site software is our ability to supply Office 365 which is a cloud based service offered by Microsoft to clients and again we have extensive experience in this field.

Network Systems has had a great deal of experience with cabling systems (all the way back in fact to 2008!). From small Networks through to wide area voice over data technology. We use the best test equipment that money can buy and staff are fully trained for the tasks which they do.


Key Benefits
  • All cabling types are supported. including Fibre, Telephone and Wireless
  • Competent staff with long experience
  • Cost effective guaranteed work tested with the latest equipment

 We use the very latest test equipment at Network Systems for cabling solutions and can of course provide complete documentation of all tests carried out by our engineers to ensure standardization and solid confirmation that all work is to the correct specification – guaranteed. If you are having problems with your cabling infrastructure contact us now – we have the know-how and the equipment to get you going – fast.

Most companies can site situations when their IT and computer network support has been less than spectacular. Network Systems has seen many examples of equipment failures and ultimately the customer is unable to work. Getting expert support may sound simple, but in reality often the support you might pay for can be far less than what you thought it would be and all at a time when you can ill afford to learn that aspect of your current support company.

Maintenance Agreements -
NS maintenance agreements are simple, effective and cost effective. We offer two types of agreement as follows:
• One year rolling agreement that can be cancelled after one year of operation
• 3-year agreement with a fixed price for the entire period.
Sometimes a one-year agreement is what a customer needs, but if you renew it anually then the price will increase with the age of the equipment typically as other support companies do. However, of you take out a three-year maintenance agreement for your IT systems we fix the price on that equipment for the whole three years - and that can save typically up to 40% of cost compared to other suppliers.

We support most brands of IT too!
We are used to offering support on most brands of hardware and software (if required) and have extensive experience with many systems including HP, Dell, Microsoft, and other solutions.